Swimming Pool

Envision a dive in cold water, on a sunny day, feels refreshing, right? The ozone-based swimming pool ensures a hygienic dive. The hot jacuzzi tub will give you a relaxing time and a small pool is built for your little ones to splash around. Lie down on the poolside lounger and get tanned under the enriching sun travelling.

Leisure Playground

Indoor Activities

Think about the last time you had a chess game with your children, it was ages ago, right? Our busy life often keeps us from having fun with our kids. We understand this situation, therefore we have amusing amenities like chess, carrom board or ludo to challenge your kids and enjoy with them. You can even play a game of cards or housie with your family; a whole package of laughter and memories!

If you are wondering about indoor games you can play, let us help you with it. How about challenging your son or daughter for a match of chess or carrom? Sounds interesting! You can even play pool and ludo with your children. A game of cards is a real entertainer for families and friends.

Outdoor Activities

Remember those days when you used to go out to play cricket with friends, in the evening; those days became memories as you grew up. What if you could relive those days? The huge playground is for you to bring out the inner child in you! Play out in the sun with your friends and family - cricket, volleyball or dodgeball - just like those old days; relax and have fun while the surrounding woods cheer for you.

Childhood comes at a cost and that is you grow old soon! City life is so exhausting that somewhere you lose yourself. To discover your way around the premises, breathe in the fresh air while you walk around. Play cricket with your loved ones with a compromise of not breaking any glass; have a game of volley, badminton and dodgeball, just like when you were a kid.