Fine Dining

Authentic experience of multi-cuisine magic, best food, and perfect ambience.

It's a treat occasionally to eat well.

Al Zam Zam has been serving Mughlai delicacies for the past twenty years, with its rich flavours and hygienic-maintenance attracting foodies from all corners of the city.
Fine Dining is more than a luxury; it is an opportunity to savour every bite.

Bush Dining

A bush dinner is considered dining under the stars it is quite exciting. In most cases, the bush dinner will commence with the setting of the sun. 


Our staff carefully serve guests with freshly prepared gourmet food prepared by the executive chef using fresh local produce with international influences and accompanied with fine wines. To make it an unforgettable Fine dining experience, a group of local Maasai men and women sing and dance providing background entertainment that blends with the sounds of the untamed bush. By the light of the flickering embers of a wood fire, sit back, relax and soak up the final minutes of what will be yet another day full of adventure.

Candle Light Dinner



It is candle's light, not its beauty that lights room

The most important idea is that a romantic date-night combo of scented candle, soft music, dimmed lights, and cool weather can create a lovely night .Romantic datet is a beautiful night with , Dining in the light and warmth of candles is a romantic experience. and It is a reminder to bond with loved ones and enjoy a tall glass of red wine.