Bush Dining


Surround yourself with lush bushes and enjoy your meal with the humming sound of fireflies. The aesthetic look - entangled branches - highlights the night with delicious food; have a heart to heart with your loved ones while you enjoy nature.

Lavish air-conditioned rooms paired with a luxurious bathroom caters to your long deserved personal break. A small kitchen cabinet to store beverages and snacks for a late-night munch has been provided. Try walking barefoot on the lush green grass or swing to your heart's contents while you soak in the beauty around you.

Sound of insects in the backgroundand soulfully conversation with your loved ones makes your night special. We organizedinner in scenic locations within the premises.The dense bushes and plants that havebeen entangled and placed in each other’s stem resemble a den, more like a tiger’sden.

Features and amenities in the room:-

  • Spacious air conditioned room.
  • Exotique bathroom and toiletries.
  • Small kitchen cabinet available.
  • Sitting arrangement in the backyard.
  • Room service available